AFRICA-ASIA Festival of Cinema

The Premiere Festival of Cinema will take place in December 2018, and the Festival is now accepting submissions!

Film/documentary film/music should be origin from Africa-Asia; or directed by African or Asian filmmakers or descendant.

Film Categories Submission Guidelines:

Action, Adventure, Adventure, Biography, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Sport, Musical, War, Family, Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller, History, Horror, Animation, Science Fiction

Film length:
Film with a running time that equals or exceeds 51 minutes in length (including opening and end credits): Feature Film/Documentary
Film with a running time less than 51minutes (including opening and end credits): Short Film/Documentary

Documentary film: a work of non-fiction
Feature/short film: a work of fiction, including mockumentary submission.


African Documentary Short
Asian Documentary Short
African Documentary Feature
Asian Documentary Feature
African Short Film
Asian Short Film
African Feature Film
Asian Feature Film
Non-Narrative (Experimental) Film
Music Video


We accept submission from: FilmFreeway
Africa Asia Festival of Cinema proudly accepts entries via, the world's best online submission platform. FilmFreeway offers free HD online screeners, unlimited video storage, digital press kits, and more. Click to submit with FilmFreeway.

We accept submission from:
  Film Festivals Alliance


This Agreement relates to all Film / Projects submitted to the Festival of Cinema Groups (the Festivals), and that by submitting your film or script or music video (work/s) to the Festivals, you agree to all the TERMS AND CONDITIONS below

1. Submitter provides assurance that all rights and releases have been legally secured, including the rights of music, songs, etc. The submitter is responsible for all necessary copyright clearances for the material used in their submitted works, and shall fully indemnify the Festival from any damage resulting from copyright infringement lawsuits from other parties.

2. Work/s can be from any year and in any language
3. Work/s with another language than English must have English subtitles or dub in English.
4. If your work/s selected or nominated, you must submit DVD PAL (2 pieces) and Blu-ray (optional) or DCP (optional). To smooth the delivery of your film, please write, "Not For Commercial Purposes - For Cultural Purposes" in both envelopes and shipping invoices. Your work/s could be sent by courier, post, or Digital Transfer Service. We do not download any film/data during selection or for final results.
5. Please do not send original file to avoid any risk of loss/defect.
6. All transportation/freight (including customs) to Jakarta, plus the cost of insurance, shall be borne by the sender and paid in full. The Festival Director has the full right to refuse unpaid shipping.
7. We do not return film/project submitted to the Festival.

8. All decisions of the selection committee and the jury are final and inviolable both regarding the acceptance of the film and film judging.
9. The Festival reserves the right to decide which section the selected films will participate in.
10. Only if necessary, the Festivals shall be entitled to disqualify the winning film without any explanation whatsoever on this decision.
11. The winning films will be announced during the awards ceremony.
12. Winning films submitted will be eligible for the following awards: Best Film, Platinum Award Winner, Golden Award Winner, Silver Award Winner, and Special Mention
13. Physical awards will be awarded only for those present directly in the Awards Ceremony.
14. By registering your film to the festival, the Festival reserves the right to exhibit, photograph, broadcast locally, or reproduce in whole or in part, for educational or publication purposes. Filmmakers may request in writing that their material can not be used for such purposes after the Festival ends.
15. We do not pay fees to play any film. Not all winning work/s will be played. The festival has the full right to choose the winning film to be played.
16. The Festival Director may deny the participation of any film that can not meet the technical requirements for good quality of public screenings.
17. Festival Management reserves the right to make changes in the Festival profile if necessary due to circumstances beyond its control.
18. All filmmakers/submitters are expected to communicate with Festival professionals and in good taste. Failure to do so, may result in submitter being disqualified regardless of the submitter's status.
19. The Festivals will only communicate with the person who submitted his/her film to the festival and is not required to communicate with any others for any matter.
20. The Festival has the right to cooperate with institutional festivals and partners for all types of cooperation, including joint events or promotions.
21. Festival reserves the right to make any necessary regulatory or scheduling changes.
22. The submitter/filmmaker also acknowledges that any remediation will be limited to refund of the submission fee.
23. All disputes relating to matters relating to the Festivals shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of a competent court in North Jakarta. Any dispute arising as a result of submission to the Festival will be limited to only the shipping fee to be paid or the submission fee.

By submitting to our Festival, submitter/filmmaker:
- indicates that they have read, understand, agree with, and will comply all of the Terms and Condition above, and accept all of the terms and conditions herein, in their entirety, without modification.
- agree to indemnify us and hold us and our employees, owners, affiliates, and partners harmless from all claims and liability associated with your participation or entry to the Festival.